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Transform your outdoor space with Huntington, a large format slab featuring a sleek, modern surface. Whether used as a border or accent, Huntington adds a touch of beauty to any landscape. Enhance your design further by pairing it with Huntington Small Rectangle or Corso, available in captivating shades like Colorado Grey, Winterborn, Grey Mix, and Summer Mist. Sold and packed separately.


Colorado Grey

Glacier Creek (NEW)

Grey Mix

Summer Mist


*Small Rectangle Only

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Unit 1
15.67 x 23.5 x 2.75 in
398 x 597 x 70 mm

Unit 2
15.67 x 15.67 x 2.75 in
398 x 398 x 70 mm

Unit 3
7.83 x 15.67 x 2.75 in
199 x 398 x 70 mm

Small Rectangle
7.83 x 15.67 x 2.75 in
199 x 398 x 70 mm

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