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Trevista 50 Textured

Revolutionize your pedestrian walkways with Trevista 50 Textured. These large format slabs boast a captivating natural textured finish that adds depth and character to any outdoor space. Pair them with Adelaide 50 or Richmond 50 for a cohesive aesthetic, whether as a striking border or an eye-catching accent.


Autumn Hill (NEW)

Beige Mix *Special Order Item


Glacier Creek

Grey Mix

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19.5 x 13 x 2 in
495 x 330 x 50 mm

13 x 13 x 2 in
330 x 330 x 50 mm

6.5 x 13 x 2 in
165 x 330 x 50 mm

Our DesignLoc surface refinement technology is a strategic mix design that produces a highly controlled and refined surface offering.