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A soft touch wall coloured throughout, made with DesignLoc® surface refinement technology. Use Arlington or Garden Lock coping for ideal finish. Soho’s corner creates a 22.5” x 22.5” column. Sold and packaged separately from the block units.

Our DesignLoc surface refinement technology is a strategic mix design that produces a highly controlled and refined surface offering.

Carrara colour swatch


Glacier Creek colour swatch

Glacier Creek

Grey Mix colour swatch

Grey Mix

Ultra Black colour swatch

Ultra Black

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350 Block
13.65 x 8.775 x 3.9 in
350 x 225 x 100 mm

450 Block
17.55 x 8.775 x 3.9 in
450 x 225 x 100 mm

550 Block
21.45 x 8.775 x 3.9 in
550 x 225 x 100 mm

650 Block
25.35 x 8.775 x 3.9 in
650 x 225 x 100 mm

13.65 x 8.775 x 3.9 in
350 x 225 x 100 mm