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The RidgeWall® segmental retaining wall system is a large format modular system primarily used to retain and stabilize large and small areas of earth, through both sheer weight and strategic design. The RidgeWall® system provides a number of unique features. The RidgeWall® can easily be installed vertically, in-set, out-set or reversed for a smooth modern design on the opposing side.

Grey colour swatch

(block and coping)

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39 x 16.965 x 7.605 in
1000 x 435 x 195 mm

90º Corner
36.5625 x 16.965 x 7.605 in
937.5 x 435 x 195 mm

45º Corner
39 x 16.965 x 7.605 in
1000 x 435 x 195 mm

39 x 19.5 x 7.605 in
1000 x 500 x 195 mm

Additional Information
Colours Grey (block and coping)
Kilos per unit 168.30 (45º corner), 176.9 (90º corner), 179.2 (block), 225.4 (coping)
Kilos per skid 1009.8 (45º corner), 1061.4 (90º corner), 1075.2 (block), 1352.4 (coping)
Square feet per skid 13.23 (block), 13.23 (coping), 13.5 (45º corner), 17.22 (90º corner)
Linear feet per skid 19.68 (block), 19.68 (coping), 21.45 (45º corner), 26.97 (90º corner)
Square meters per skid 1.2 (block), 1.2 (coping), 1.26 (45º corner), 1.62 (90º corner)