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Ikon Wall

Experience the epitome of contemporary design with Ikon, a large format segmental retaining wall that elevates your outdoor space to new heights. Featuring a double-sided smooth face, Ikon boasts a simple and polished appearance that projects modernized style. With its innovative locking mechanism, units can be effortlessly reversed to create dynamic setback designs, adding a touch of versatility to your landscape. Available in two timeless colours, Ikon allows you to create a stunning landscape that reflects your unique sense of style and vision. Choose Ikon and transform your outdoor space into a masterpiece of modern design.


Grey colour swatch


Ultra Black colour swatch

Ultra Black

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39 x 6.63 x 13.845 in
1000 x 170 x 355 mm

39.4 x 14 x 6.7 in
1000 x 355 x 170 mm