Introduced to the market over 15 years ago, the Parkwall® still stands as one of the most innovative, durable and versatile wall systems.  The patented design allows for the ability to off-set, in-set, reverse, reverse off-set, reverse in-set or randomize your wall face.  The Parkwall® produces a designer’s dream without sacrificing ease of installation.

Additional information

Kilos per Unit

19.47 (Regular & tapered), 20.11 (Corner), 30.38 (Coping)

Kilos per Skid

1167.95 (Regular & tapered), 482.59 (Corner), 972 (Coping)

Square Feet per Skid

20 (Regular & tapered)

Linear Feet per Skid

40 (Regular & tapered), 64 (Coping)

Linear Feet per Section

16 (Coping)

Square Metres per Skid

1.85 (Regular & tapered)

Square Metres per Section

0.06 (Regular & tapered)

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