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Parkwall Antico

The Parkwall® Antico® retaining wall system takes all the design innovation of the Parkwall® retaining wall system and tumbles it into a rustic, naturally aged finish. Blend old-world charm and modern versatility in your design to create anything from sweeping escarpments to functional planters and steps.

Beige Mix colour swatch

Beige Mix

Grey Mix colour swatch

Grey Mix

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7.8 x 11.505 x 5.85 in
200 x 295 x 150 mm

7.8 x 11.505 x 5.85 in
200 x 295 x 150 mm

Additional Information
Colours Beige Mix, Grey Mix
Kilos per unit 19.47
Kilos per skid 1168.09
Square feet per skid 20
Linear feet per skid 40
Square feet per section 5
Linear feet per section 10.05
Square meters per skid 1.85
Square meters per section 0.45