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Whether you’re planning a full outdoor renovation, or installing a new element or two, selecting the right product can make all the difference. We make it less overwhelming with our curated product line.

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All you need are the best ingredients.

There's so much more that goes into creating hardscape products. It’s a mix of ingredients that gives them integrity. When you choose Best Way Stone, you’re installing hardscape products that stand up.

The best team.

Best Way Stone is about endurance: products that last, styles that last, and as a family-owned and operated business since 1965, we want our relationships to last too. That’s why we continue to craft our products locally & independently. We’re family, and we’re here for you.

A good foundation.

Hardscaping solutions should be designed to last. So our philosophy is that manufacturing processes should always influence product design. We’ve built production facilities and equipped them with manufacturing technology and our own proprietary processes that are engineered specifically to ensure our products are well-planned, well-designed and well-made. With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and dealers spread out across Ontario, Quebec, and Michigan, we’re completely independent and able to both hear and respond to your needs.

Curated product.

Today’s landscapes are thoughtfully and creatively built for living, working and playing, and bring together form and function for a quality outdoor experience. No matter what budgets or timelines await you this year, there are plenty of ways to incorporate modern tastes into hardscaping designs. Whether you’re planning a full outdoor revamp, or just installing a new element or two, selecting the right product can make all the difference. We make it less overwhelming by providing a highly curated product portfolio that works seamlessly together.

Our guarantee- carved in stone

Best Way Stone Limited provides a transferable lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of it's Interlocking Paving Stone products for residential use. All Best Way Stone® products are manufactured to meet and exceed their respective North American standards set forth by both the CSA and ASTM. This guarantee provides assurances to the individual who has chosen Best Way Stone® as their source for Interlocking Paving Stones. If material installed using certified ICPI installation guidelines, under normal, non-abusive situations, proves to be structurally defective, at the discretion of Best Way Stone®, the product in question will be replaced without cost. Replacement labour and transportation costs are not included, and a valid proof of purchase is required. Colour variances, staining, the occurrence of efflorescence, and other natural or unnatural occurrences, including but not limited to acts of God, do not form part of this guarantee.

Care & Considerations
Have a question? Here are the answers to some of our customers’ most common queries.

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Archival photo of the BWS management team

Our business is our tradition

Best Way Stone is one of only a few independent family-owned, pre-cast stone businesses. And that philosophy permeates everything we do. Our team is family – and one that puts your family’s needs first. Even as we’ve grown and expanded to new locations, we’ve still maintained our flexibility to quickly respond to both market demands and home-owner needs. This allows us to innovate quickly.

Join the Family

We’re always adding to the Best Way team. With two office locations and two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, we’re always updating our job posting. Check out the latests openings and send us your application.

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Designed to last generations

One of the most common questions we get from customers purchasing hardscape products is knowing how they will wear over time. Our recent technological advancements provide layers of enriched surfaces and colour bringing product aesthetic & performance to the next level.

Learn more about These Technologies

The DesignLoc surface refinement technology is a strategic mix design that produces a highly controlled and refined surface offering.

ChromaTec protective surface enhancer adds a level of protection that helps resist the threat of potential stains from foreign elements while enhancing the vibrancy of the coated surface.

Nanoblast provides a fine blasting to the surface of the product, exposing specially selected granite aggregates, while leaving a durable and highly defined smooth finish for increased comfort.