Design, build, create, with over 50 years of quality & service behind you.

The Best Products Built Using the Best Practices.
That's the Best Way.

Best Way Stone started as a family business in 1965 and we still locally craft our hardscape products using the same best practices to exceed the highest industry standards and customer expectations. All of our pavers and slabs are resistant to slips, de-icing salt, salt water, and chlorine and will not deteriorate from oil or gas spills. Better yet, we back all pavers with our transferable lifetime guarantee.

From our two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and our network of dealers across Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, and New York, we’re continually finding the better way to support landscapers and homeowners with only the best materials and solid customer service.


We’re a family business, so we’re preconditioned to take our work personally. In a world increasingly dependent on automation, we prefer to apply a personal touch to everything we do.

Our products are built using two key ingredients: quality and care. All are manufactured to meet and exceed their respective North American standards set by both the CSA and ASTM.

That quality and care is provided with our transferable lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of our pavers. 


Being a family-founded and independently owned business keeps us humble and true to our roots. Even as we’ve grown and expanded to new locations, we’ve still maintained our flexibility to quickly respond to both market demands and home-owner needs. This allows us to innovate quickly.

We’ve built production facilities and equipped them with manufacturing technology and our own proprietary processes that are engineered specifically to ensure our products are well-thought, well-designed and well-made.

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